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Life Care Plans

As industry leaders in catastrophic case management, Palmetto offers Life Care Planning services to attorneys who are in the process of litigation in order to assist with the future care needs of an injured client.

Let us help with your life care planning needs.

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What is Life Care Planning?

After a life-changing injury, a person’s financial future may be uncertain, as medical bills continue to mount while wages and other sources of income are reduced or lost.

We can create or review comprehensive life care plans, which anticipate future medical needs and determine the cost of your client’s continued care. These documents are used as evidence during litigation to quantify the client’s needs. Our life care planners have experience in providing expert testimony should the case not settle.

Life Care Plans Can Include Current & Projected Expenses For:

  • Medical evaluations and care, including surgical procedures, physical therapy and rehabilitation, medications, and long-term care needs such as assisted living
  • Home health aide services, if your client requires assistance with the activities of daily living
  • Medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or hospital bed
  • Accessibility modifications that must be made to your client’s home and/or vehicle

How Palmetto’s Life Care Planners Can Help

Palmetto has 20+ years of life care planning experience, so you can trust our team to deliver a thorough, accurate report, complete with all data required to support your case. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive research utilizing all available information on your client’s injury, treatment, and claims history. We consult with your client as well as their health care providers, review research literature relevant to the case, examine medical cost data for your client’s location, and examine their medical records, medical bills, and medical history.
  • Preparing life care plans to support your client’s personal injury case and help them plan for the future.
  • Reviewing and evaluating life care plans that have been completed by other parties.
  • Providing expert testimony during trials.