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The Specialists in Catastrophic Case Management and Life Care Plans

For more than 40 years, Palmetto Case Management has been a trusted provider in the medical case management industry. The cornerstone of our company is personalized care—our experienced staff takes the time to assess your needs, to ensure that each care plan fits your goals, and to deliver the best care possible. Together, we can maximize the outcome of your medical care.

Personalized plans to reduce your medical spending & increase your quality of care.

  • Catastrophic Medical Case Management

    We follow the patient’s care and provide support from start to finish, helping to facilitate medically necessary services and promote the best outcome.

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  • Field Medical Case Management

    We assist with configuring an evidence-based plan to reduce the overall cost of care and minimize the chance of chronic pain for the injured party.

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  • Life Care Plans

    For attorneys of injured clients, our certified team can write and review life care plans, work with special needs trusts and provide expert testimony.

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  • Telephonic Medical Case Management

    We communicate with all necessary parties to customize a care plan, streamline the recovery process and maximize the care being received.

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